A lovely evening for a dog walk…

Our evening walk in the woods
Our evening walk in the woods

When the weather is as glorious as this, I love to make the most of a sunny evening and, much to Esther the dogs excitement, fit in an extra walk.

We’re lucky enough to have a choice of routes to walk through Cardinham Woods right from the farm, with something for every mood: from the leisurely sunset stroll to the tough trek! Of a day time, the Forestry Commision routes and trails are popular with dog walkers and families – there’s even a Gruffalo trail (a bit over Jowan’s head for the moment though that one!).

The team: Fin, Jowan, Esther and me!

On this occasion Fin, Esther, Jowan and I started off out on an easy amble, but were enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to turn off the route and add an extra bit to the walk. I won’t tell you exactly which route we took, as we were also delighted to find a bountiful supply of chanterelle mushrooms and I can’t possibly give away their location that easily – you’ll just have to come and have a look for yourselves! This foraged treasure made the walk and the evening even more glorious, and the basket-full is destined to make a delicious breakfast served up on toast when Josie, Fin’s sister comes to Cornwall for the weekend.